Types of Events

Types of Events for both Girls s & boys

  1. Semi contact (Junior)
  2. Light contact (sub junior)
  3. Full contact (senior)
  4. Professional fights (Senior)

1. Semi Contact (Under 13 years)

This is a continuous game with no any powerful hitting and the game is full back. All the punches & kicks should be completely reverse. Kicks are allowed to hit on Thais also.

2. Light contact (under 18 years)

This is also a continuous game but powerful hitting is allowed. The player should play with his/her half energy of capacity, knees hitting above the belt is also allowed. But this is not a knockout game, there should be no bleeding and falling down of the competitor.

3. Full contact (above 18 years)

this is a continuous game with powerful hitting. This is a street fighting type game. Elbow, knees, punches and kicks attacks are allowed.

4. Professional fights (above 18 years)

this is a cash prize belt event and completely full contact fight.

Actually Thaiboxing is a full contact game, but only in India we have considered Semi and Light categories also, for the safety of especially school students so that they will be able to play  full contact game without hesitation.