Thaiboxing Rules 5. Dress Code


Only boxing shorts are to be worn, the colour of which depending on the corner; red, pink, or maroon or with a red stripe for the red corner; blue, bright blue, black for the blue corner. The dressing gown will be as specified by the World Thaiboxing Council.

  1. To ensure the boxer’s safety, a groin protector must be worn and tied only at the back.
  2. Long hair and/or beards are prohibited. A short moustache is allowed but the hair must not extend over the lip.
  3. The Mongkol should be worn when performing the Wai Kru (paying respect to one’s teacher), prior to tbe match start. Amulets are only to be worn on the arm or waist and covered by material to avoid injury.
  4. Single elastic bandages are allowed to be worn on the arm or legs to prevent spralns, however insertion of a shin guard, etc, is not allowed.
  5. No metallized material, decoration or jewellery are allowed to be worn.
  6. The use of vaseline, fat or any similar substance by the boxer to gain unfair advantage is not allowed.
  7. Boxer may wear elastic ankle bandages to protect his feet.

B. Any infringement to the dress code may result in the fighter’s disqualification. In the case of any problem with the boxing gloves themselves, the referee may temporarily halt the match until they are corrected.