Thaiboxing Rules 3. Boxing Gloves

GlovesOnly gloves certified by World Thaiboxing Federation are allowed to be used in any match.

Boxing glove requirements:

Gloves usage should correspond to the following weight divisions:?

Weight Division Glove Weight
Mini Flyweight – Junior Featherweight 6 ounce (132 grams)
Featherweight – Welterweight 8 ounce (227 grams)
Junior Middleweight and upwards 10 ounce (284 grams)

The weight of the leather shall not be more than half of the total glove weight, including the internal cushioning, which should always be in good condition. The laces are to be tied at the back of the wrist band.

To ensure compliance with the regulations, all gloves will be inspected by a member of the match committee prior to the fight.