Thaiboxing Rules 2. Ring Accessories

The following equipment is required at ringside.

  1. Break area at both corners.
  2. Two drinking water bottles and two spray bottles. No other type of bottle is allowed ringside.
  3. Two towels.
  4. Two bowls of water.
  5. Tables and chairs for the officials.
  6. Alarm bell.
  7. One or two stop clocks.
  8. Score sheets.
  9. Locking box for keeping the score sheets.
  10. One set of round indicators, signs or boards.
  11. Two pairs of spare boxing gloves.
  12. One spare set each of red and blue boxing shorts.
  13. Groin protector with one or two ties.
  14. Two cloth squares to facilitate a groin protector change or adjustment.
  15. Stretcher.
  16. Blunt edged scissors.