Thaiboxing Rules 16. The Decision

This should conform to the following rules and regulations:

  • A Knock-Out (K.O.) is awarded when the opponent is knocked down and unable to continue within the 10 second count.
  • A Technical Knock-Out (T.K.O.) is awarded:
  • When a boxer is seriously hurt or weakened.
  • When a boxer cannot continue the match after the break.
  • On the doctor’s recommendation, when the referee is unsure whether a boxer can continue the match due to injury or being seriously weakened.
  • Both boxers are seriously injured and cannot continue the match; If less than three rounds: a draw is declared; If three rounds have been reached, individual score decides.
  • Receiving a count twice in the same round and unable to continue the match.
  • Winning due to the opponent’s retirement because of injury.
  • Winning due to the opponent’s violation of the rules.
  • Winning on points.
  • “No decision” as a result of both parties colluding together to cheat or not fighting properly.
  • “No contest” as a result of the ring being damaged and the match not being able to continue, or if an external event occurs during the fight, causing it to be stopped.
  • Equal Score.
  • When both boxers’ scores are equal.
  • When both boxers receive a count of 10.