Thaiboxing Rules 15. Time Keeper and Announce

A. Seating for the timekeeper and announcer will be located next to the ring.
B. Duties And Responsibilities
The timekeeper must keep precisely, the timing of each round and the breaks, following the referee’s instructions to start or stop. The following procedures are to be used:

  • A five seconds warning is to be given prior to the start of each round, to enable the seconds to clear the ring.
  • A bell is used to signal the start and end of each round.
  • To deduct the break time as per the referee s instructions.
  • Ensure all timings are correct by using both a watch and stop clock.
  • In the case of a boxer receiving the count during rounds 1-4 and the round time ends (3 minutes), the bell should be rung immediately after the referee finishes the count and orders the boxers to continue.
  • In the final round, the bell should be rung immediately when the round timing passes 3 minutes, even if the referee is still counting.

C. Announcer’s Duties

  • To announce the fighter’s names, corner and weight prior to the fight and again as the boxers arrive in the ring.
  • To order the seconds to leave the ring when the bell rings.
  • To announce the round number at the start and finish of each round.
  • To announce the winner’s name and corner, when the referee raises the boxer’s hand.