Thaiboxing Rules 14. President’s Duties

  • To appoint the referee and judges for each match and promotion.
  • To monitor and improve the standards of the referee and judges and ensuring conformity to the rules and standard practice.
  • To verify that the referee and judges perform their duty and responsibilities and to advise the World Thaiboxing Federation if any irregularity takes place.
  • To solve any prior problem regarding the promotion, reporting the result to the Federation committee.
  • Make the decision to the referee and the judges.

To verify the score sheet to ensure that:

  • The score has been tallied correctly.
  • The name of the fighters are correct.
  • The correct winner has been named.
  • To authenticate the score sheet and inspect the score.
  • To announce the result of the match to the audience.
  • To make any decision in case that the referee or judges could not continue.
  • To report to the Federation Committee, the name of any boxer who violates the rules or shows poor performance.