Thaiboxing Rules 10. Match Committee

A. Committee Member’s Qualification.

  • No physical disability and at least 25 years old.
  • Hold a medical certificate endorsed by the World Thaiboxing Council.
  • Hold proper certification as to their work experience, health, age and occupation.
  • Certified by the World Thaiboxing Federation as properly qualified.

B. Referee’s Qualification

  • All referees must be trained and tested by the appropriate committee of the World Thaiboxing Council and be certified and registered as a referee.
  • Not over 60 years of age unless an extension is approved by the committee.
  • Must resign immediately on the order of the committee or when unable to perform his duties.

C. Number of Judges and Referees

  • The match committee will comprise of 3 judges and one referee for the ring with the match chairman responsible for match supervision.